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Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy

Because you are more than just your thoughts and behaviors


Lindsay Perry, M.Ed., LPC

Somatic EMDR Therapy for anxiety, depression, and trauma

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Does any of this sound familiar?

You overthink about past negative experiences or uncomfortable social situations. You continuously go over what you could have done differently or hyper focus on the details of the situation. It keeps you from thinking clearly and often leaves you exhausted.


You're often worried about what's going to go wrong. This can be specific or general. You imagine the worst possible outcome as a way to try to keep it from happening or to brace yourself for the fallout.


You have moments of feeling like you're not a part of the world around you. You experience a lot of getting distracted, spacing out, or feeling numb on the inside. It's sometimes like you're watching yourself in third person wondering if what's happening is real.


Sometimes you lose control. You have intrusive negative thoughts that make it hard to think clearly and leave your feeling at war with yourself. You react to things in ways that you don't want to and often ask yourself "what's wrong with me?"

Emotional Instability


You're looking for something that's really going to help

We both know that life can be hard. At times, it can be REALLY hard. You may be feeling lost and confused as to why you're struggling. Maybe you're aware of why you're struggling, but wondering why it’s not getting any better.

I’m here to tell you that it all makes sense - why you're struggling and why it's been difficult for things to get better.

Anxiety, depression, trauma responses, and relationship distress are all signs that the mind and body are trying to work through something important; something unfinished. That’s why this stuff keeps coming up. Your mental health struggles are communicating that your mind and body want resolution with the experiences when life was REALLY hard.

What's been lacking from traditional mental healthcare is that your mind AND YOUR BODY want to heal. You are more than just your thoughts and behaviors. Negative experiences get stuck in the body's nervous system and that’s where the attention is needed. This is why it's hard to talk ourselves out of being anxious or depressed. It's why we can't talk our emotional pain away. Anxiety, depression, and trauma don't only affect the mind and emotions. They also linger in the body.

I help bridge this gap in care by using a somatic (body-based) approach to therapy. This approach gives clients the opportunity to access and resolve the root of their symptoms on a connected mind and body level. Resolution with our experiences gives us the inner wisdom and resilience we need to navigate life's hardships with a sense of grounded grace. It would be an honor to take this journey together so that you can feel an empowered peace being your whole and authentic self in the world.

Now, the most important thing I want to tell you is that nothing about your struggle is your fault and nothing about your struggle is good or bad. It does not mean that you’re broken or that something is wrong with you. Like I just mentioned, it just means that your mind and body are trying to heal from something (or multiple things) that you didn’t have the tools to fully process through at the time that it (or they) happened. I also want to acknowledge that yes, it may feel awful and that you’d probably rather not be dealing with this at all. I get that. AND if it would be worth it to work through this stuff so that you can finally have a sense of peace within yourself, I’d be honored to aid you on this journey.

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COVID-19 Policy

In an effort to prioritize the health and safety of my clients, myself, and my family, I will provide in-person services to clients who have been fully vaccinated plus the booster against COVID. If you cannot or have opted to not get the vaccine, I will gladly provide virtual telehealth services.

*All COVID-19-related policies are subject to change as new information and recommendations emerge*


Areas of focus


(In person sessions in Houston and virtual sessions in Texas)

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Relationships are challenging and often times they can feel like a tug of war between you and your partner. Couples therapy not only provides the opportunity to get clear on where you and your partner are struggling; it also creates a space to foster intimacy and fulfillment.

Whether you're struggling with a life transition or you've experienced trauma, individual therapy can help. No concern is too big or too small when it comes to healing, recovery, and working through life's adversities. This is the space to learn to live life whole and live life well.


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