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Holistic Trauma Recovery, Somatic Therapy, and Therapy for Overwhelmed Parents

Available for convenient online therapy in Texas or in-person services in Houston

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Guiding You Back To a More Grounded and Whole Self

Through the resilience and wisdom of your body

Sound familiar?

  • You know there are things about your past that stick with you, even though you'd rather they didn't.

  • You've hit a wall. Though you've talked it through, it's still negatively impacting your day to day.

  • You have this nagging inner critic that you wish would give it a rest.

  • Something about you feels "off", but you're not sure what it is.

  • It’s easier to keep people at arm’s length than to risk letting someone in.

  • At times you feel disconnected from the world and people around you.

  • The way someone says something can really ruin your day.

  • Sometimes you have intrusive memories or flashbacks.

  • You often doubt yourself or have trouble making decisions.

  • Emotions can be overwhelming.

  • It's getting harder to continue going through life this way. You’re ready for something to change, but not really sure how to make that happen.

It’s been hard to realize, but this has really been impacting your life. You’ve tried to ignore it and live with it, but it’s getting more difficult to put it in that mental box. You long to feel free to be your authentic self out in the world and have meaningful close relationships. You want to be a more present partner, parent, colleague, or friend, but you're not sure where to start.

Hi there, I'm Lindsay.

I'm here to help you become Grounded In your Truth so you can live the full and authentic life you deserve.

I'm a trauma therapist who provides Somatic EMDR Therapy for trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression, and overwhelmed parents.

Clients walk away from therapy with a sense of freedom from past negative experiences, feeling more connected to their authentic selves, and empowered to live life on their terms.

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Somatic (mind and body) therapy helps people have more awareness in their body and of the present moment. With more body awareness and presence, the nervous system can move out of survival (fight/flight & shut down/freeze) and process through the experiences that continue to cause anxiety, depression, and trauma responses. Processing through the experiences means that triggers have the opportunity to resolve and stop occurring, giving you more freedom to be present and function well in your day-to-day life. Click the button below to learn more about how somatic (body-based) EMDR therapy can help you.

COVID-19 Policy

In an effort to prioritize the health and safety of my clients, myself, and my family, I will provide in-person services to clients who have been fully vaccinated plus the booster against COVID. If you cannot or have opted to not get the vaccine, I will gladly provide virtual telehealth services.

*All COVID-19-related policies are subject to change as new information and recommendations emerge*


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Heal your inner wounds with a trained trauma therapist so you can live the full life you deserve.

How Therapy Works

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