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Holistic Therapy Services

Let go of patterns that no longer serve you, grow, and experience the possibility of living from your truth

Online sessions in Texas or in-person services in Houston

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Walking with you to a More Grounded and Whole Self

Through the resilience and wisdom of your body

What's troubling you?

  • You have a lot of self-awareness, but there are some things you're really struggling with; feeling stuck.

  • You know there are things about your past that stick with you, even though you'd rather they didn't.

  • You have this nagging inner critic that you wish would give it a rest.

  • You sense something feels "off", but you're not sure what it is.

  • It’s easier to keep people at arm’s length than to risk letting someone in.

  • At times you feel disconnected from the world and people around you.

  • You often feel disconnected from yourself.

  • The way someone says something can really ruin your day.

  • Sometimes you have intrusive memories or flashbacks.

  • You often doubt yourself or have trouble making decisions.

  • Emotions can be overwhelming.

  • It's getting harder to continue through life this way.

  • You feel called to some kind of change, but you feel uncertain about what that means or what step to take next.

It’s been challenging to acknowledge, but you're starting to really feel how these things aren't serving you. You’ve tried ignoring it. You've tried solving it. You've come to understand yourself pretty well, but you still feel like you're being held back. You long to feel free to be your authentic self out in the world and have meaningful close relationships. You want to be a more present partner, parent, colleague, or friend, but you're not sure where to go from here.

Hi, I'm Lindsay.

I'm here to walk with you on your journey of becoming Grounded In your Truth so you can live the full and authentic life you're feeling called to.

I'm a trauma-focused therapist who provides Somatic-based EMDR Therapy for embodied trauma healing, and walking with people as they work through things that no longer serve or align with who they are.

Clients continue on their journey from therapy with a deep sense of compassion for themselves and their experiences, feeling more connected to their true self, and empowered to live life from a place of wholeness.

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We all have a drive to live more authentically in ways that align with our moral compass and priorities. We experience mental health issues, emotional dysregulation, and disconnectedness with ourselves when our nervous system is operating in survival mode. In this state, trapped emotional and physical energy from our negative/traumatic experiences gets stuck on a loop in our bodies and minds, leading to symptoms like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and emotional upheaval. Somatic (body awareness-based) therapy helps people gain more awareness of what's happening in their body, mind, and emotional space in each present moment. Present-moment awareness allows us to work with our nervous system survival responses so that the trapped energy can shift and/or release. When this happens, we're able to feel less out of control, less triggered, more in tune with ourselves, and more able to tap into the drive of how we want to authentically live.  If you'd like to read more, click the button below for more about somatic-based EMDR therapy.


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Embark on the journey of working with your body and mind to tap into your natural drive to heal and live a life that feels true to who you are.

How Therapy Works

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**Thank you for your interest, but Lindsay is not accepting new clients at this time**

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