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Hi there,
I'm Lindsay

You probably want to know a bit about the person you’re considering sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings with. Of course you do. This is a big deal. Let me tell you a little bit about myself so that you can decide if I'm the right fit for you.

On the personal side

I can be a bit of a naturally awkward person and I’m not afraid to cuss during session. Sometimes the only thing that does a difficult moment justice is to say (or yell) that four letter word that starts with “F”. I feel things deeply and I have mild ADHD tendencies. I have spent a lot of my life masking and I'm a recovering perfectionist. I started doing my own inner work when I was in graduate school. Along the way, I realized that I wanted to help people in more meaningful ways than just the "feeling better" that always seemed to be temporary. I knew it was possible because I was experiencing it for myself. I invested myself in therapy trainings and education proven to help people truly live better lives. I now have the incredible honor and privilege to see people go from really struggling to living life with intention, confidence, and peace.

As a therapist

I prioritize providing a supportive space that is yours. This looks like me checking in often with what is okay and what isn’t okay. We’ll be sitting with uncomfortable stuff - the stuff that’s led you to looking at this page right now. This stuff deserves the respect and tender care it’s always needed. That’s how it gets processed. We’ll work things at a pace that feels manageable to you because working through unresolved experiences can be challenging at times. We want this stuff to actually get a chance to resolve, and that process can't be rushed. This is a journey of re-learning safety in your body and mind with things that have been/felt unsafe. It's takes time, trust, and care to feel safe, and you deserve that.


I make it a priority to be present and open with clients. You can always ask questions if you are confused or want to know more about what’s happening. This is the place for you to get the space, support, and knowledge you need so that you can better work with your nervous system. These resources breed resiliency, grace, inner kindness, and authenticity.

Why this work?

I provide somatic therapy and trauma recovery because I am continually reminded that everyone has a story, and every story has moments of darkness. The darkness we experience leaves a mark (or marks) on us, whether we want it to or not. People are really good at hiding away their darkness or hiding from their darkness. This makes sense because we’re all out here just trying to survive, right? We can't do the things we need to do if we're overwhelmed by our darkness all the time.

I've learned that when we're just trying to survive, we can't be our full authentic selves in the world. We're too busy hiding and shutting off the parts of ourselves that we've been told we're not supposed to be. I also learned that we all have a natural drive to live authentically. We all want the freedom to live in a way that feels true to who we are inside.


I provide a therapy that's effective in helping people work through their darkness so that they don’t have to keep surviving and hiding. Instead, they have the freedom of having more choice, being more grounded, and feeling more at peace.

Education and qualifications

I'm an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). My Texas state license number is 79863. I have 8 years of counseling and therapy experience and extensive training  working with anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationships. I have had specialized training in working with trauma, such as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). CPTSD is also known as childhood or developmental trauma.


I completed a post-graduate school intensive therapy fellowship for 3 1/2 years with Fuller Life Family Therapy Institute. Here, I received my specialized training in anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, and couples therapy.


I earned my Master's of Education degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of New Orleans and my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from McNeese State University.

Outside of the office

When I'm not doing this meaningful work, I spend my time relaxing at home or enjoying family time with my husband, son, and fur-baby. One of my favorite things is an afternoon cup of coffee (especially if it's not too hot and I can sit outside). Aside from my self-care routine of journaling, walking, and meditating, I also like to unwind by playing a video game or watching a good movie.

If you are interested in a consultation or would like to know more, click the "Let's talk" button below.

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