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Individual Therapy

Convenient online therapy available in Texas

In-person services available in Houston
Are you being called to a deeper connection with yourself?

You may be feeling called to deepen your understanding of who and how you are in the world. Maybe you have some things you'd like to work through or maybe you're just longing for more. You may have anxieties that make life challenging or maybe you're looking for a safe space to explore spiritual awakening. This space is for self-discovery, attunement, and aligning with what is important to you, so you can become grounded in your truth.

No matter what brings you here, individual therapy is intended to be holding a space for you to work with yourself through whatever it is you come in with.

  • Working through the things that no longer serve you.

  • Uprooting and resolving anxieties that keep you in a tailspin.

  • Tuning into your body, mind, and emotional space to guide you when you feel lost.

  • Processing through and compassionately tending to emotional pain and loss.

  • Learning how to navigate unprecedented circumstances with compassion and integrity.

  • Stepping into a life guided by your inner knowing and sense of wholeness.

  • Embark on or deepen your spiritual journey.

Individual therapy can provide these spaces for you.

It may feel like a lot and you may be confused on where to start, but it is possible to be a more grounded, centered, and authentic you. I will walk with you.

I use somatic-based (mind and body) EMDR therapy to hold space for clients to tap into their natural built-in capacity to heal from negative and traumatic experiences. This means that throughout the course of therapy with me, not only will you gain the skills and awareness to work through the things that have been holding you back, but you will also become more connected to your authentic self - the self you've always been, but never given the opportunity to be.

What happens in individual therapy?

  • Getting more present and tuning into what is happening in your body.

  • Tracking what comes into your awareness - body sensations, thoughts, judgements, and emotions in each present moment.

  • Developing a relationship with how your awareness naturally expands and progresses.

  • Expanding your resiliency so you can encounter and work through pain points and trapped trauma energy.

  • Experiencing more attunement to your inner knowing and drive to live a life that feels true to who you are.

I'll walk with you through this process, tailoring each step to your individual needs and circumstances. My approach to individual therapy comes from a place of trust in your body's natural capacity and drive to heal; believing that your negative experiences do not define you, but rather are parts of your life that you can grow more resilient from and have a new relationship with now.

It's time to connect with your true self

I will walk with you.

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