Broken Trunk

Counseling for Trauma Recovery

When we can’t process a negative experience, the trauma survival response gets stuck in our body, leading us to get triggered by similar situations, events, or even emotions. Sometimes this can happen numerous times throughout one day. It can feel like you're constantly being haunted by what happened to you.

Trauma can feel like a life-sentence of pain that you didn’t ask for, but it doesn’t have to be. You can heal and reconnect with the parts of yourself that have been lost or disconnected due to what you’ve been through.

Through increasing your awareness of how your body has stored the trauma and using somatic (body-based) methods to release and heal from the trauma, you can live a more full and whole life on your terms.

If you're interested in counseling for trauma recovery or have questions, call (832) 639-4043 or click the button below to reach out.

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