Counseling for Trauma Recovery

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Trauma. It’s a big word. In fact, it’s such a big word that you may be hesitant to even use the word to describe what you’ve been through. But really, trauma is anything that you couldn’t process in the moment that it was happening. Yes, there are “big T’s” of a car wreck, rape, witnessing a death, etc.. But there are also “little t’s” of being shamed, made to feel less than, punished, manipulated, etc.. Trauma can happen as a horrible event, or it can happen in small moments of childhood, relationships, and friendships.

While trauma is a more common occurrence then we previously thought, it doesn’t take away from how impactful to the mind and body it is. When we can’t process an experience, our body and mind get stuck in the experience, leading us to get triggered by similar situations or events. Sometimes this can happen numerous times throughout one day. This can look like a sudden loss of control of your emotions/reactions, moments of spacing out, feeling numb, or a panic attack.

Trauma can feel like a life-sentence of pain that you didn’t ask for, but it doesn’t have to be. You can heal and reconnect with the parts of yourself that have been lost or disconnected due to what you’ve been through.

Through understanding how your mind and body have been impacted by the trauma, increasing your present-moment awareness, and using somatic (body)-based and visual exercises to heal from the trauma, you can live a more full and whole life on your terms.

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