Misty Woodland

Counseling for Depression

Feeling out of touch with the world? Like life is just passing you by and you’re just here. Is numb a feeling that you are all too well acquainted with? And what about the brain fog? Like you just can’t focus on anything. Does it feel like it’s too much? Or is it even so much that you’d rather not be here anymore?

Depression is a sign that our bodies are stuck in the survival mode of shut down and collapse. This is when our experiences are too overwhelming or distressing for our capacity to deal with them. When we don't have the capacity to deal with an experience, our body will shut down to cope. In this state, we feel like we've "gone offline" in a sense.

By increasing your awareness of the shut down response, increasing your capacity to address distressing experiences, and using somatic (body)-based methods to heal from them, you can start to move out of shut down and collapse, feel more alive, passionate, and whole.

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