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Couples Counseling

Are you and your partner feeling like you’ve drifted apart? Does it feel like things are getting worse and you’re both at a breaking point? Do you feel like you now lack connection and intimacy, and don’t know how to get it back? Are you having parenting challenges? Was there an infidelity that put your relationship on the line, but you want to try and make it work?

Relationships are challenging for a number of reasons and partners can easily get stuck in unhelpful ways of interacting and functioning. You don’t have to stay stuck. There is a space and opportunity for you and your partner to connect better and grow together. There is hope for a deep and meaningful relationship/marriage.

By understanding you and your partner’s dynamics, recognizing patterns of interacting moment-to-moment, challenging yourself and your partner to be honest, and learning to handle yourselves better in the face of life’s challenges, you and your partner can have a stronger foundation, deeper intimacy, and a more fulfilled relationship.

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