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Counseling for Anxiety

The mind racing, the worry, the feeling of overwhelm. Living with debilitating anxiety is exhausting. How awful it feels to have too much energy and not enough energy at the same time, day after day. And it can feel like there’s no way to make it stop. 

While anxiety is a natural part of your body trying to keep itself safe, you may have had experiences that caused your mind and your body to get stuck in fight or flight survival mode, leading to anxiety getting stuck in the body and frequently getting triggered. This means your brain is working overtime to constantly keep you safe when it doesn’t need to.

By increasing your awareness of your body's anxious adaptive responses, discerning what life experiences they stem from, and using somatic (body)-based methods to help you heal from these experiences; you can release the stuck anxiety and learn to navigate the naturally-occurirng anxiety that comes with life in a way that doesn't incapacitate you.

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